After School Programs

After School Athlete’s After School Enrichment programs are roughly half academic and half athletic in their curriculum.  Kids are provided a caring, nurturing healthy environment to learn and develop socially, physically, and mentally.  Designed by a neurologist & UW professor and his wife, a math and science teacher, programming is scientifically and philosophically driven and is everything you would want your kid(s) to be doing.

Sports include competitive soccer, dodgeball, handball, basketball, kickball, yoga, Zumba, crossfit, among other physical education activities.   Like Physical Education in any other school, we emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, learning from each other, and strategy. 

Academic curriculum includes supervised time to do homework, gamified learning on tablets, "Brain Games" like chess, problem-solving based math and science projects, group or free reading time on tablets, and "Curious Questions." Where there is demand, optional formal tutoring, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Spanish for English speakers can be made available for an additional fee.

Programs start when school ends and go to 6PM on school days on the academic school year.  

As a program, we strive to be all you could hope your child to experience after school.  Helping your kids do well on their homework, explore their academic curiosities, and participate in competitive sports.  Then when you pick your kids up at the end of your day, you don’t have to worry about time helping them with their homework, taking them to additional sport-related or academic extracurriculars (at an additional expense), but instead can focus on quality time with your family knowing they have an enriched childhood.  Maybe you'll even have time to eat dinner together around a table and enjoy hearing your child's daily adventures.  What a worthwhile, quality investment in your child's future.