Which schools have After School Athlete already?

Currently we have our After School Enrichment program at Cascade Elementary in Renton, WA. It’s our own kids’ school so it only makes sense. Kids not enrolled in Cascade Elementary CAN join After School Athlete at Cascade Elementary.  We can provide transportation after school to Cascade Elementary from Tiffany Park, Talbot Hill, Renton Park, and Benson Hill Elementary Schools.  Additional locations at other schools will be added in the future.

We also welcome home-schooled kids or even kids from other schools or school districts though we won’t be able to provided transportation for them at this time.  It’s also important to know we operate on the Renton School District calendar which may be different from other local school districts.

Kids from the following schools ride the following bus routes to get to Cascade Elementary:





Students will be dropped off at Cascade Elementary between 3:30 and 3:45.

How do I know I’ve signed my kid(s) up successfully?

You’ve signed the Signup waivers.  Within 0-2 days typically, you will receive an invoice for the registration fee in a separate email.  Pay the registration fee and you child is signed up with a reserved spot.  This spot will continue to be reserved so long as you pay tuition on time and comply with the rules of the program as outlined in the Parent Handbook.

How much is the monthly tuition and what does it include?

Monthly dues vary from school to school but are highly competitive with local rates.  Find pricing for After School Athlete at Cascade Elementary here.  Monthly rates include all days school is in session.

We do not currently offer programming during weekends, days off school (e.g. teacher in-service), or major national holidays (e.g. New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or the day after, Christmas or Christmas eve, or July 4th).

Only extenuating circumstances (e.g. law changes to minimum wage, unexpected school lease changes, natural disaster, etc.) would lead to rate changes during the school year.

What happens if I’m going to be late to pick up my child?

Please call ahead to notify the Lead Teacher and consider having an alternate authorized person pick up your child instead. We charge $3/min if a parent is late picking up their child (even if they call ahead). If we are unable to reach you, we will wait for 30 minutes past the time we close before calling police for guidance on next steps.

Can I have someone else pick up my child?

Only people authorized with your secret code will be permitted to pick up your child. We strongly recommend keeping the code secret (including from your child) for security purposes and so you’re not disappointed with who picked up your child.

Should I (1) stay at home with my child or (2) work and pay for after school enrichment?

This is a very personal question we cannot answer for you.  However, one of the variables is the cost of after school enrichment vs the cost of not working.  Fortune magazine had a recent article & calculator that attempts to at least help families answer this question.

Aside from the financial aspects of the decision, After School Athlete strives to be all you could hope your child to experience after school.  Helping your kids do well on their homework, exploring their academic curiosities, and encouraging participation in competitive sports.  Then when you pick your kids up at the end of your day, you don’t have to worry about time helping them with their homework, taking them to additional sport-related or academic extracurriculars (at an additional expense), but instead can focus on quality time with your family knowing they have an enriched childhood.  Maybe you’ll even have time to eat dinner together around a table and enjoy hearing your child’s daily adventures.  What a worthwhile, quality investment in your child’s future.

How do I know what days you’re open and where is the Renton School District Calendar?

We’re open after school on school days.  See the Renton School District Calendar for more info.


We are closed on days off school (e.g. “Professional Teachers Days” aka “Teacher Inservice”) and school breaks (winter, mid winter, spring, and summer).  We are closed on major national holidays (Christmas and Christmas eve, Thanksgiving day and the day after, New Years day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th) and weekends.




What is the tuition payment calendar?

The Registration Fee is due ASAP to reserve your child’s spot (we have limited capacity).

A few days later, you’ll receive a Tuition invoice to be paid 1 month in advance of the 1st day of school.  This will cover After School Athlete tuition for the 1st month of school.  The 2nd invoice will be due the 1st day of school covering tuition for the 2nd month of school.  So you’ll always be paying 1 month in advance (sort of like rent).  Accordingly, last month of the school year, there is no tuition payment (provided you’ve made all prior payments).  For example, if school starts Aug 31st, 1st month tuition is due July 31st to cover Aug 31st through Sept 29th.  2nd month tuition is due Aug 31st to cover Sept 30th through Oct 31st.

For the regular school year, there will be 10 equal payments (irrespective of the number of days in the month or holidays in the month) to make billing more predictable.

Do you accept state subsidies or offer scholarships for kids in need?

After School Athlete is not a childcare so we do not accept state subsidies (we are simply ineligible for them).  However, we do appreciate kids who are already at a financial disadvantage should not be precluded from the educational advantages of our program.  Accordingly, we do offer a limited number of scholarships for kids in need.  Basically, we match what the state would require from you as a copay if you were to pay for childcare.   So there is no financial reason you should have to look elsewhere.  You can determine whether you’d be eligible here and what your copay would be at the Childcare copay estimator .  We can not accept all applicants as we simply would not be profitable but there is no harm in applying and we will keep your application on record if/when we can accept your student.  Proof of prior childcare copay and proof of income will be required.



Do staff have background checks and what kind of training do they have?

Background checks are required of all staff before working with kids.  Additionally, all staff have training in CPR & first aid, blood borne pathogen training, and how to detect child abuse and neglect.  Most staff are actively in college, college graduates, or have post-graduate training, however, we do have a couple exceptionally talented high schools students.  Most staff are renaissance men & women with multiple talents in academics and athletics.

Do kids need to be vaccinated?

Yes. All kids and staff are required to be vaccinated for the safety of the kids and staff.